Rotation Studies

Hot Cast Glass, Plaster & Ceramic Molds, Graphite, 2018

Dimensions Average 30 x 2 x 30 in

The circle is a symbol for unity, coming together, wholeness, constant rotation, returning to a fixed point, and a shape of stability and strength.


In these studies, I am using the body as an external force to develop memory of rotational movement in glass. In my prior developments using glass flow, “Flow Panels and Flow Blocks”, glass (being a material untouchable while hot) was being moved by heat and gravitational pull with a glass kiln. Here I was able to rotationally move in tandem with the mold and work with glass outside of the kiln, giving more freedom to human touch, and glass becoming the memory of that moment.


These glass works were made with support from RISD Glass with Jocelyne Prince, Eli Backer and RISD Glass Hot Nights.