Road Series

Pastel, 2020

Dimensions Varies

My quiet drives through the hills. I often listen to Royskopp and Pink Floyd. Reminiscing on times that I had, wishing and replaying moments. Driving is going forward and moving through, a place to focus on one thing, a road. No distractions at night, not much people. There isn't much else other than signs telling you, reminding you, warning you whats to come next. Life takes us on this road, time seen as linear in passing. The road can be revisited, can be a singular pass, a new discovery, a marker, a signal for change. I want the road to tell me where to go next, what to focus on, to tell me that I am going in the right direction. The road helps me come to conclusions with what I am struggling with. I can't push away my troubles, I can only face them.