Video, 6'06" Concrete, Metal, Wood, Levers, Chairs, 2017

My hope was to raise this 4 ft by 4 ft hunk of concrete 5 ft in the air to be bolted to the wall. I was met with my limited lifting ability and completely unrealistically source of resources I had at hand at the moment. As well as my lack of predictable planning for structural supporting in order for this to be safely bolted up. Going forward with the idea, I found to lifting forks, some chairs, 2x4 and some kiln bricks to help me temporary support this piece. Little by little, I raised one side, then the other side and the piece went higher adding material to support it. It was unstable and the only things hold it up were the 2 x 4 's, chairs and pieces of wood, all held together by compression. It was nerve racking, unpredictable, and dangerous. I felt free, yet juggling with the risks as this things got closer to 5 ft. The crack in the middle of the concrete rubbed up and down against each, alternating between each other and meeting the middle. Eventually, I reached a point where I could no longer sustain the growing height with the materials I found, and a supporting wall fell, leaving the piece with only two connection points. Quickly, I repaired the support. During my performance, the audience witness in suspense as I continue to figure out in real time how to lift this heavy thing, unknowingly if it would fall or not. Entropy is the continuous degradation into chaos unless it is repaired to organized control and safety.