Cindy Del Rio's work explores systems of the movement which propelled her into research of flow, entropy, and body to create her abstract and uncanny sculptures. Her objects remain energetic, continually discovering and evolving to reflect her curiosity of material phenomena and its expanding notion of entropy’s chaos. In her process, Del Rio establishes a playful relationship with various methods, taking them out of their original context and rearranging their form, often with the experiment dictating the final visual outcome. Over time, that evolving test speaks to how the abstraction of the colors and patterns will be incorporated into her work – as emotion, association, or context. Del Rio's practice embodies inventiveness and spontaneity, utilizing structure as a connection to her own experience. 

Born in 1994, Cindy Del Rio received her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design 2018. Del Rio has received awards including RISD Parents Council Grant, and RISD Glass Department Award for Outstanding Growth and Achievement. She has lectured at Rhode Island School of Design. She is based in Los Angeles, California. She has exhibited, including a group show at The Hatch, and a show at the Steel Yard, in Providence, RI.


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