Osso Buco

Video, 7'48", 2016

A small Italian butcher in Murano, Italy, summer of 2016. I was exploring the island when I stumbled upon a store front that displayed freshly made Osso Buco. A dish made with tomato, veggies, and beef bone full of bone marrow. Never trying it before, I ordered one in to-go container and with my plastic fork, I took my first bite. In the moment it was the best dish I have ever tasted. Maybe because I was hungry but after leaving Murano, my mind was dreaming of Osso Buco, the best dish ever. It became an obsession that I was raving to all my friends and family how good this dish was. With the encouragement of my family, I found a recipe a online, bought the ingredients and traverse into a cooking session trying to recreate this overly excited dish. It took about 6 hours and may of patience.  Of course when I tried the dish, unfortunately wasn't the same. I was left feeling like Osso Buco will only be good as good as that one time in Murano. Maybe if I had taken a photo of the dish, the memory would be ever lasting.


Osso Buco video is a short story of me trying to recreate my Osso Buco experience in attempts to have the experience again. Being disappointed with the second version of the Osso Buco, I printed a photo of the first dish and starting eating it, hoping the it would satisfy my dream of Osso Buco.